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Default Re: Texture Mapping(Planar mapping)

What kind of results are you getting (visually)?

Your code looks solid - I plugged the verts/coords into a spreadsheet using your same values, put that into AC3D, and the results look normal. Sounds like it may just be an implementation problem in your code?

Here are the texture coordinates I got for points 1 through 8 using your formula:

0 0
8.28641E-08 -3.313709408
2.343146846 -5.656856171
5.656856928 -5.656855746
8.000002592 -3.313709408
8.000002001 1.34792E-06
5.656855409 2.343146924
2.343146592 2.343146592

If the code's not that large, maybe you could post the function(s) that generates the coordinates?

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