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Default Welding Vertices - Still Pulling Apart?

Hello folks,

I have two panels for a vehicle which I've tried to meld into one, but it has left a crease, even though the vertices are all welded... well, all apart from two. I keep welding them, but when I check to see whether they're as one by using subdivision, these two little blighters pull apart. All of the others which I welded now remain as one.

I'm hoping to find a workaround for the crease by taking the panels into Poser and using the morphing brush to smooth it, but the mesh must be as one. Can anyone advise, please? Better still, would anyone be able to fix this for me, please, as I've been trying to fix it for ages. It's a teeny-tiny model which hardly registers in file size.

The image shows the area in question circled in red, with the areas shown with green having to remain untouched, so they still match with the rest of the vehicle.

I don't have a lot of hair left, lol! Thanks folks.
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