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Default Re: sculpty basic forms

Originally Posted by madmax View Post
I never claimed to be a professional anything. I'm not going to get into a big argument with you, I'm just saying that the downloads aren't really necessary, and you shouldn't attack the person who told you how to solve the problem.
I figure out that you weren't a professional, in the sense that you aren't of the coding team; and infacts, I'd been glad whether it had had been one of the team, to answer to my question since beginning.
Though, I know that this is a forum, and that specially external people feel entitled to partecipate in forums also for playng "one-up", either willingly or not. Thus I "attacked" the person, but in effects I didn't "attacked" anybody, unless it is somebody who isn't part of the coding team, and who answered me first, and in a way that seemed to me very inadequated to the matter, besides making me appear like one who never figured out how special files could be stored in a repository, in the case that they were a proprietary extension of the makers.
So, no repository? Ok: then, at least add a voice in your FAQs where you explain what to do in these cases, in order to avoid messing with installation, registry (you know, installing over and over, the registry won't pass a good time), anger, and the like.
And now, please stop this.
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