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Default Re: Hierarcy View issues version 8.3.3 64-bit

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I can't seem to duplicate these problems. Are you on Windows, Linux or Mac?

You imply that these functions work initially but fail after a while, requiring restarting. Is there action you can think of that, after that, these to stop working?
Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise Version 1903
Core i7 3.30Ghz Ram 32 GB

I can not reproduce it by specific steps, but I can take a screenshot when it occurs. Then you can see what object name it selected, and how it is correlated to the actual object/group selected. I sometimes have long sessions, and it seem to be related to this. My aircraft have many part/groups as well

Right click on tree object/group
Then > Edit Name/Data

Object Name/Data ui presents blank or wrong name from tree

Close ui, and redo it sometimes work. Restart always work.

I will probably upgrade soon, so I am not sure how useful this is. Since I can not reproduce with specific steps.
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