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The default setting of the DirectX exporter is to create a frame for each AC3D object and group.

In the normal case the mesh vertices are relative to its origin (or another special point). So the meshes and other frames inside the frame can be moved/rotated/sized with a single transformation matrix which is part of a frame.

For example :
A car has four wheels ( in most cases :? ). Each wheel has the same mesh data (vertices) but in different frames. So it is only necessary to change the transformation matrices to rotate or move the wheels.

Another example :
'DarkBASIC' ( an easy to use 3D programming language. Perhaps somebody knows it ) uses every frame of a X file as a single 'limb'. These limbs then can be moved ( rotated, ... ) by simple commands.

AC3D X files have an additional 'WORLD' frame for all objects. So the whole file can be recognized in other programs as a single object.

However, these multiple calculations by several frames should not cause any visible movings or distortions.

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