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I purchased AC3D primarily to make and add models to a piece of software called "Rule the Rail" (I know its boring), in UK it is called "Create your own model railway"

The "Rule the rail" forum suggests that all you need to do is export in DirectX file. Me being extremely naive thought that it was easy!!!

I have compared two DirectX files one from the software (RTR X file) and a similar exported version of a similar size model from AC3D in Notepad and they look totally different. It would seem that the data is in separate groupings. I have tried various settings in the DirectX export screen, but to no avail.

Are there any folks ou there that can tell me where I am going wrong. Maybe the settings can be changed, so that the "Rule the Rail software can accept my model?
At the moment I have checked the following: "Frames only for groups", Right handed coordinate systems, "invert face orientation" and Flip normals. But in Notepad my exported DirectX file looks nothing like the one from "Rule the rail".
Any guidance will be gratefully received.:
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