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Default AC3D 8.3 Beta Available

AC3D is now 64 bit, supports a multitude of import formats and has the new Thicken function. Download a beta today!

AC3D 8.3 is 64 bit
AC3D is now 64 bit so that you can enjoy working on larger models (requires a 64 bit operating system).

The new Thicken function (Object menu) adds the powerful ability to turn single layer objects into fully shelled 3D objects with a defined Ďthicknessí.

You can choose the direction of thickness (in, out, both) and specify a final thickness for the shape.

Thicken is handy on lines too:

Extrude has now been simplified. Using a combination of Extrude, Thicken and Extrude-edges (Vertex menu), itís now easier to add extra surfaces without introducing unwanted additional geometry.

AC3D 8.3 imports a huge number of 3D file formats*. Some of the existing file format support has been updated so that models load faster. The number of imageformats has also been extended.

For a full list of other changes, see the Ďchangesí file that comes with the AC3D installer.

Download the new AC3D 8.3 Beta:

Download (Windows/Mac)

Why a beta?
The changes required for 64 bit mean that developers who use AC3D with custom plugins will need to recompile their code to work with this version. AC3D runs on a huge range of hardware but itís possible that, because of the changes to AC3D, some problems may occur on some computers or operating systems. Please let us know if you have any problems.

Where is the X-Plane plugin?
New 64 bit X-Plane plugins (Windows & Mac) for use with AC3D 8.3 are available here:

Best wishes

The Inivis Team

* Please note that not all features of some formats are fully supported in AC3D.
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