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Default Re: Importing into SecondLife

Originally Posted by bcRIPster View Post
I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. I can't really think of a better program as none of them give you the power and flexibility that you can get out of AC3D, and certainly not at the price. All I can figure is that the learning curve for using the software is too steep for you?

Have you looked all of the tutorials on the Inivis site as well as those on the Independent Developer blog?

No, I donít find the learning curve steep, but Iím reminded of the days of Windows 3.1. As I pointed out, a simple object from the AC3D inventory will not load into SL without becoming distorted, let alone a sculpty. The programmers need to put their heads together and figure it out so this program can be put to use. The price is irrelevant if it doesnít work as intended.
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