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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the prompt reply, but I had already been through the link that you referred to me.

I am a very new person in the world of Audio & Video Enoding / Decoding.
The current assignment that I have been given is to develop an engine (in C) that would transform various RAW RGB & RAW YUV files from one form to other, i.e. RGB to YUV & vice-versa. (RGB888 & below and YUV444 & below)

Being a very new professional in the field of Digital Media, I am really stuck up with certain documents that I managed from the net. I read information as to how to use mathematical formulas to transform these files.

The biggest problem Im facing right now is How to identify the format of these YUV & RGB files.What is the format of the Structure that defines its definition.

I hope you would be kind enough to spare some of your time to help me start up with some proper solution to this problem right from the grass root level. (I have just 2 more days to document my work and define the plan that I shall adapt).

Just give me some idea about the Structure that I can use to Decode these files in my programs, coz as you said, once I know the Structure, its just the matter of Parsing which is a relatively very easy task.

Kindly Help me build up my career in a significant manner.

Desperately looking forward to a quick reply from you....

Thanks & Regards

A Matiman
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