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Default Re: Suggestions / TGA Bug / RealFlight G3.x (KEX) support

Originally Posted by 0xdeadbeef View Post
As far as I can see, you can only set X/Y/Z to MIN/CENTER/MAX, while in 3DSMax, the Pivot is a fully 3dimensional vector.
Ah. I see what you are after.

You are correct, AC3D does not store a locale orientation for the pivot; it actually does not store a local orientation for anything.

You could probably simulate this by using a piece of geometry if you wrote your own export filter. I do this with null pivots on a couple of exporters I wrote; I just use some geoemetry named "null" as a placeholder for the null, and have the filter ignore it when writing. I don't think there's a way to do that with the built-in exporter, however.

Originally Posted by 0xdeadbeef View Post
This is the same TGA in PatinShopPro and in AC3D. The alpha channel is completely "white" (opaque).
Can you post your TGA file? I see what you mean, it looks like something isn't loading correctly. That's not normal.

I use Corel products also, although I use PhotoPaint instead of PaintShop Pro. All of my textures are 32-bit TGAs, but I haven't experienced what you're seeing. I clipped your screen shot and resaved it with PhotoPaint, and it seems to work fine. The file is attached if you want to try it--at least then you'll know if it's something wrong with AC3D, or something wrong with the way PSP is saving files. I had to add a single pixel of transparency to the top left corner, because PhotoPaint automatically converts images from 32-bit to 24-bit if the alpha channel is completely opaque. (and I assume that you need it 32-bit specifically?)
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