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Default Re: Suggestions / TGA Bug / RealFlight G3.x (KEX) support

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
Hmmm. I tried your file, and it seems to work ok for me.

Perhaps it's a driver issue? Does it do the same thing if you use a different file format, or is it only targa files that have the problem? Which version of the software are you running?
I downloaded the current version 6.2.05 of AC3D as a trial.
My nvidia drivers are the most current one (GTS 8800, Forceware 158.22). No problems in games or other applications.
About the color of the object: the same thing happens if I add a new object (e.g. sphere) to an empty scene and assign a texture to it. So the object color seems to have no effect. I also doubt the object color should make a difference in the texture coordinate editor.
BTW: this happens when I assign the texture to a sphere:

Obviously the back parts are completely transparent as if AC3D would somehow mix/swap the alpha and color channels.

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