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Default AC3D update and AC3D 8 for Linux

AC3D 8.0.80contains a number of important fixes to the initial AC3D 8 release. AC3D 8 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux!
The new Linux port of AC3D contains the same great functionality of AC3D that you’d expect, plus all the stuff that was added for AC3D 8 including: Configurable user interface colors and font, and the ability to drag textures straight from the Linux desktop and drop them onto your objects. Linux users may need to install extra libraries – see the readme files included with the download for more info.

X-Plane users who use Linux can now create and edit X-Plane models with the
NEW Linux X-Plane Plugin for AC3D 8.

Thanks to captainpeter for putting together a PDF manual for the AC3D X-Plane plugin – see the plugin link above.

Best wishes,

The Inivis Team
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