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Default Re: Exporting DirectX files for "Rule the Rail"

Hay Lisa and Keith,
IŽd hear Keith wants to add new models to RTR.
First you select all needed parts of the model and select export as DrectX model .x...
Be sure you save it as ASCII text.
With the notepad you may open the file you generated with your AC3D and search for Texturefilename.
You may change the slashes in the path like so: (EXAMPLE)
old is it so: "C:/program files/brainbombers/Rule The Rails!/scenes/trains/"
new exactly so: "C:\\program files\\brainbombers\\Rule The Rails!\\scenes\\trains\\".
The slashes are the crashbringer for RTR.
If you want to know how more about RTR then you may visit The Little Ville fanpage of RTR
I hope this post helps you make models for RTR.
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