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Default AC3D vs Cartography Shop

Good Day,

Anybody believe, like I do, that AC3D is the best mesh modeller for game worlds? Plus, with the inclusion of booleans in the next release, I don't think there will be any competition for a modeller at this price. I've used GMAX (incredibly buggy), Cartography Shop (disgustingly buggy to the point I don't even have it installed), and some other modellers. None of them come close to the ease of AC3D. The one thing I'm wondering is if this next release with the booleans will be stable or not. The one thing about booleans is that they can crash and corrupt the best software. The only software out there with a stable boolean function is either Rhino or Vue' D Esprit and one is way too expensive and the other one can't export models. So in all truth, the next version of AC3D will be pretty pivotal to the game and mod community and I believe, if it's as stable as 3.7, it should be marketted as not only a great modeller but also as software necessary for game design. I really hope the booleans turn out like some of the map editors like 3D Game Studio's. AC3D plus Wings3D, in my opinion is the best you can do right now. Peace.
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