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Default AC3DPluginExit question

Hi Andy/all

Under what condition is AC3DPluginExit() called?

Code placed here never seems to be executed during the lifespan of my AC3D session. AC3DPluginInit() and others (info/about) are called without problem.

I'm using AC3D version 5, compiling on a Windows platform (xp pro). Here is my function:

AC3D_PLUGIN_FUNC int AC3DPluginExit()
   printf( "Plugin exit\n" );
   FILE *fp = fopen( "C:\\x.txt", "w" );
   fprintf( fp, "Hello!" );
   fclose( fp );
   return 0;
Of course, no file is written, and no message appears on the console after AC3D shuts down.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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