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Default Is there a max to the surface indices?

Andy, I'm putting the parabolic function on hold indefinitely while I work on something that has no workaround on the market (at least not one that is affordable).

The application I'm working on is a physical characteristic generator. Let me describe it.

Given a model, described by a 3D description file such as a *.ac, a mass and a scale (assuming you model at a scale that's less than full size), it will generate volume, density (assumption that density is uniform), moments of inertia described by a tensor, center of mass, center of percussion and on and on.

Because I need to read and maintain the model file, but not modify it, I need to know the dynamics of the file format to be read.

I've gone over the description you wrote up and I see the number of vertices that can make up a surface varies. Obviously it needs to be three at a minimum, but I've seen up to 6. Is there a maximum you've set so I can write a file reader?

Also, can I assume that because the points describe a discreet surface, that surface describes a plane? I could take any three vertices in order (caveat) and find the normal to the plane that surface lies on?

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