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Default Comments from the NEWBIE of the year

ok, feel free to comment on my idea's as I'm not a definative source;

I feel a way to select only the top layer of vertices, surfaces would be intutive because you can drag to select underlying vertices and surfaces which is great as you can select more than one surface. However when selecting the top layer of vertices and surfaces you have to hold control and click them all. On certain models this is not a big deal on others a nightmare.

So I was thinking maybe making left shift select all front to back vertices or surfaces(when adding more to your selection) and right shift select the top layer of vertices and surfaces(when adding more to your selection) or with caps lock on it selects the top layer and without it on it selects all when dragged. Or you could have everything stay the same and add a option(toggle) to surface and vertex mode.

Improve rotation- Object automatically pivoted from the objects center, which can be moved and rotation is based off where it's placed.

Light's- been mentioned in great detail already in other threads spot light, ambient , specular and etc

3d view- improvement is spin mode as it is needed, maybe a auto rotation and in walkthru mode a tilt or angle view. If possible to switch from spin to walk and vice versa without reseting view.

Nurbs- This I'd like imput on from what I am reading nurbs are great, smooth and a good base to start your model in. But how well would something like that run since it does a lot of calculations. Anyway I'd like to know how you feel about something like that.

Knife tool- been mention in other thread

Animation- i know something is in the works what would like is saving skeletal information to a seperate file like a .skl. A catalog of animations defined already that can be in different models. Example you make a nimation of a guy walking save the animation load a different model say a overwieght guy load the same animation and then if you wanted you could change it up a bit and make it more realistic as the bigger guy would walk a little different.

That's all for now I need to get back to modeling

As always AC3d is great I like it love it want more of it.
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