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Default Making a bounding Box?

Hello, I'm making a scale drawing and work when I can where I can. So I often have to start and stop which suxs because I'm using fairly high res. background images which I have to reload and position.

ok, I'd like to map these images to a rectangle instead. However, these images can only be viewed in 3d mode right? Can the background images be viewed in the "front" "side" etc.. views?

also in the GIMP (free ware like photoshop) it says my background image is say 300 pixels x 400 pixels -for example...how can i draw a rectangle with those exact dimensions???
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There's really not a good mechanism I know of for scaling an object to match a pixel dimension. Also, if you apply the image to geometry, you'll have to work in non-wireframe mode in your ortho view for best results, and doing so may be somewhat awkward.

Until AC3D includes support for saving background image configs, I'd still stick with loading the images as backgrounds, but follow a few guidelines:

If you can, don't bother repositioning the background image. Model your objects to fit the image. You can always resize/scale them once you're done using the reference photos. This will be infinitely easier than trying to scale the background image just right only to have to do it again when you restart ac3d.

When making your reference photos, if you're using more than one photo in different viewports, scale them to match one another in your image editor.

When all this is done, you'll still have to reload the images when you reload ac3d, but ac3d, fortunately, remembers the last place it looked for images, so reloading between sessions should be fairly quick (at least, this is my experience with the Windows version).

Hope that helps.

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