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Default Another texture mapping

I'd really like to see an option to use the type of texture mapping that you find in a lot of game-level style editors (like the Quake family) where textures are mapped based on a "global texture axis".

I made a quick plugin (see the screenshots below) that does this, but I thought it would be *really* nice if this were an AC3D feature. Going to the plugin every time you make a geometry adjustment is a bit tedious, plus it'd be nice if AC3D kept up with scaling/rotating/offsetting for each surface.

default mapping:

"new" planar mapping:

It really helps for things like the middle cluster of brick objects where the front of the objects line up texture-wise. Also, the side of the large brick wall is no longer smushed and stretched. Plus, the rotated block no longer has a rotated texture. These things can be done with the coordinate editor, but I haven't found it very easy to do.

This plugin lacks vert/horz texture scaling and offsetting, which are actually handled nicely in AC3D already (and are additive to this current plugin), although they're applied only at the object level.

Scaling in this example is hardcoded, and it takes a recompile to change it, so if you're not using the same scale as me (probably the case), it won't be terribly useful in its current state. And I currently have to recompile if I want the scale changed, myself. I'm completely ignorant of TCL and haven't bothered with learning it yet - I imagine this would be the standard way to get the variables I need into the plugin...

Also, there is no support in this plugin for rotating the texture. This is a very bare-bones plugin that needs scaling+rotating+offsetting before it's distributable (not sure how I'll handle rotating yet, but scaling and offsetting are simply a matter of getting variables passed into my plugin).

I'm still working on the plugin, but I'm not sure how long it'll be before I can take another day or two and develop more with it.

I'd still be glad to share this plugin (+source) in its current state if there's an interest beyond my own, and the developers of AC3D are more than welcome to it. It's for version 4.

The source is pretty straightforward, as it should be, since I've been writing AC3D plugins for exactly 1/2 of a day now . I've found that AC3D has an amazingly intuitive and easy to pick up plugin framework.

Thanks again to Andy and company for a fantastic product that allows its users to do such things! Oh, *and* thanks to Andy for the quick turnaround on sending me the latest headers for version 4.

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