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Default Select adjacent / smarter simplify

Hi All,

Is there a way to select a surface adjacent to another surface (in a particular direction or all adjacent surfaces)

I somehow often seem to end up with meshes that intersect and trying to unwind that is slow and messy often because of the difficulty of seeing the intersected surfaces. Some way of selecting a visible surface and then extending that selection by command, not hunt and pick, would be great.

Nice meshes are all very orderly, often mostly of rectangles and often with wildly disparate densities of vertices (ie some parts have a few big rectangles and other parts lots of very small rectangles).

The current "reduce" function seems to always return triangles, blur neat lines of vertices that encircle models and apply similar levels of reduction in all places.

When I manually reduce meshes, I usually just end up doing multiple 4-surface combines and still mostly end up with a tidy mesh.

A tool that tried to replicate the neatness of the starting mesh and also was more severe where vertices are dense (or alternatively which limited the maximum size any resulting surface would become, feels like it would give a more "natural" resulting mesh.


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