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Default Smoothing

Hi Andy,
I like making older historic cars and often repair projects from others.

Often I'd like to smooth out rounded portions of a fender, or a hood, and need a way to smooth out some polys or vertices.

Using the "Smooth Shape" function under "Vertex", most often simply distorts the object completely.

Is there a way to make a smooth function where you have a slider available, and is there a way to have a poly smooth function.

As well, is there a way to smooth along only 1 or 2 planes ?
(example: smooth along the x-plane only or smooth along the x&y-planes only)

Because these are game models I can't use the subdivide function as you end up with too many polys.


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Default Re: Smoothing

I would like to be able to smooth a selection of surfaces/vertices, just to improve the shape in specific areas.
Regards, Gerry "Mossie" Mos
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