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Default .tga being renamed to "poly_" and Secondlife


I'll start off, I'm a total noob and i'm trying out AC3D's 14 day trial before I decide to buy. I'm trying to learn to make sculpt pieces in Secondlife and had my first go at it last night by twisting, bending, shaping the 3 Importable SL objects. Some stuff I made uploading in-world was UUUGLY and some looked promising.

So today I hopped back on to try some more experimenting with some small bends on a cube, and I was unable to save the.tga UV Map properly. When id Export the shape to an SL sculpt, i'd name the .tga only for it to rename itself to poly_<my file name> .. eg.. "poly_sculpt test".tga. Trying to upload this file now re-named with "poly_" , shows up completely black. I opened it in Photo-shop and its black as well. Not the normal UV map. Just to experiment further, I imported another one of the cubes without editing parts of it and it exported keeping it's name i gave it and saved to a UV map fine.

What could be causing this?? I haven't done anything different from bending and such using the 3 supplied SL shapes like last night.

Thanks for any help, this is a great program so far!!


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