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Thumbs up A few requests...

Vertex Coloring:
Concept Image: https://blenderartists.org/uploads/d...e7f65ec2d.jpeg
So we can color surfaces fairly easily and achieve some nice effects with that option... But I've only just now began to learn about vertex coloring and I'm a little puzzled why AC3D doesn't have this feature? With it you can create some really nice shading and shadow effects for low poly models. Could this be a feature added in a future update?

Applying Texture to Materials in the Material Palette:
Concept Image: https://learn.foundry.com/mari/Conte...lection_21.jpg
They are called materials in AC3D after all. You hve the specular, emissive, ambiance, etc but there should also be the option to apply a texture to the material so when your ready to paint your model you can just select the texture from the "material" palette. Tis would be really convenient for a number of reasons.It doesnt have to be like in the image supplied (with bitmapping amongst other things though that could be nice too) Just the option to add textures to the materials in the material palette would suffice.

Directly Click on Surface to Apply Texture
Pretty self explanatory. Maybe you could have a mode in the texture coordinate editor where you can directly apply the texture to surfaces by clicking on them and using a tiled texture (or the previously requested material) palette for easy pickings.

B3D File Exporter Should Export with All Objects As Separate Entities and Not as One
Yeah, back when I requested this extension I was kinda hoping that all the objects would remain their individual selves. Loading the B3D file into Blitz 3D only seems to detect one single mesh for some reason. :P Thanks for hearing my request for this exporter btw, glad you went through with it

The Blocky Texture Script needs to be Integrated into the UI Finally...
With the option to turn it on and off simply by clicking a simple UI button. This would be swell. :3 The Retro style game scene is getting popular again you know? And the option to flip the texture to and from the nearest filter would probably be attractive towards that "little niche" community.

Overall, my use of the recent update has been pretty great so far. I enjoy the improvements in the UI and other things, but what do you think of my request list? Are any of these doable?

Thanks again, Andy, you're awesome!
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