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Old 12th October 2006, 08:36 PM   #1
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Default total newbie: how do you create a room

I'm thinking about purchasing this program and have never used a 3D modeler before. Reason I'm doing it is, I need about 30 different interior rooms for a project I'm doing--nothing too fancy--but basic living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. I have a few questions and would really appreciate it if anyone could answer them:
1) how do you create a room using this program--like the type that's posted in the gallery with the wooden desk and wallpaper on the walls. I checked out the tutorial on creating a house which seemed pretty easy; is there a similar tutorial or instructions on how to simply and quickly create a room?
2) are there libraries of premade furniture? If so, where?
Thanks very much.
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Default Re: total newbie: how do you create a room

Go to the Tutorials Page on this site and find the one on building a house. The concepts would likely be the same to create an interior space as well.

Also, if this is your first 3D program, you may need to view other tutorials in that section just to get a basic vocabulary on 3D programs. Those are the basics you must have to start.

Knowing what a vertice is, what a surface is, what a normal is, what a primitive is, and so on... you just have to know things like that to even have a discussion! Good luck!
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