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Default X-Plane Show/Hide

Recently I imported an X-Plane object file (.obj) from one of the default planes (the propeller). In X-Plane you can designate an animation being either a "show" or "hide" with certain parameters.

When I imported the .obj file, the object had two animation values that were both listed as "show" in AC3D's X-Plane plugin. I dutifully imitated this in my plane and it didn't work. It turns out when I looked at the default object file in a text editor, the actual entry was: "ANIM_show" and "ANIM_hide". I.e., the second entry was listed as "show" in AC3D but was actually the opposite, a "hide."

I've had trouble like this before with "show" entries and I think this is the culprit. In any case, the X-Plane plug-in has a bug here I suspect.

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