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Default Move Background Images

Something I've run into repeatedly when making orthos for use in AC3D. If I don't put a lot of effort into making sure my orthos are scaled exactly right, and that they are both centered exactly the same, I can't use them.

For example, lets say I've cropped two images of a face down to just what I need, the front and the side views. Lets say I've scaled them so they're exactly the same proportional size (as in, an eye is say 10 pixels high in the front shot, and its 10 pixels high in the side shot as well) and I load them both in and try to start work.

Oops, it turns out my profile view had just a little more neck in it than the frontal view, and everything is one eye's width too high to line up properly.

Right now, there's nothing I can do but load my photo editor back up and go back to adjusting the pictures until everything is lined up perfectly.

Just struck me, wouldn't it be easier on the end user to let AC3D let you adjust things like the position and scale of the background pictures? Move them up and down, or left and right of the default center it loads them into, maybe increase/decrease the size, etc.

That way if you model an eye from the front and realize the side view is too low, you could just nudge the background image up until its level with the mesh you already know is in the right place from the front view (or vice versa).

That make sense to anybody but me?
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