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Default Improved c++ .ac file loader?

Hi, this is my first post here, I think. If not, then it has been a while.

I'm using AC3D to construct a large city, and combining this with the physics engine Bullet to make a zombie slasher game. I'm using the loader code from the downloads section. I fixed several bugs with it, and created an extra layer between the ac3d code and my game engine. The current code, with a few modifications, loads into the ACObject class, and then this is converted into my own, internal format which is ready to be rendered.

The AC3D file format is excellent for my needs. The way it is arranged in a hierarchy internally makes it easier to store models in a game - friendly format. The fact that it is ascii rather than binary makes it easier to load in the first place, and the fact that so much of the file format is well documented and public compared with other file formats is a blessing. I am able to do some very cool things by combining it with a physics engine.

The code has a few caveats. Firstly, it loads images internally, which I stripped out and modified it to work with a seperate OpenGL image loading library. The code to delete the ACObject class causes malloc to go wild, although this is mainly a consequence of my modifications, I believe. It also uses a lot of other old skool C stuff in reading from file.

Is there a better loader in the works? I already plan to write a loader myself. I would use the current code as a base, but I would rewrite the rendering code, update it to use STL rather than C arrays, and I would convert the code to use the image library I am currently using, SOIL. (Simple Opengl Image Library) which loads a variety of file formats, compared with the current loader, which only loads .rgb (.sga) files.

I'm not sure about the license attached to the loader, although I accept that the file format is not open source, and that my code would still be property of Invis.

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