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Old 2nd April 2014, 07:38 PM   #1
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Default Extrude Along Path

I'd like to see two enhancements to the Extrude Along Path tool:

1. Automatically texture map the resultant object. The idea would be to calculate the length of each of the lines, and the distance from one point to the next and use that to create the UV map.

2. When extruding along a polyline I should get a closed object. Currently the program treats lines and polylines the same.


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Default Re: Extrude Along Path

Indeed. I have noted that when I'm trying to make a trim wheel, and extrude along a circle, the last segment around the circumference remains uncreated. Depending on how small the wheel is, it can be quite tricky to get in there and finish the "torus" one surface at a time!!!
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