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Default Snap to vertices off main axis?

This is another "why doesn't it work like zmodeler" request. Perhaps it is already possible and I just don't know how to do it.

I would like to be able to create a new set of faces between existing vertices. However, when I put down new polys in the front view, for instance, all of the vertices are placed at z=0. "Nearsnap" only seems to work if all of the vertices are located at z=0, which makes its use very limited (for me). Is there any way to make ac3d use an existing vertex that is not located on a major plane for a new poly? Basically, when I am creating a new poly, and I put the cursor over an existing vertex in the view, I want to use that vertex. If I really did want to create a separate surface, it is very easy to create it away from the main object and then move it into place.

Another nice to have would be a way to split a poly by creating a new vertex at it's center and connecting it to all of the existing vertices. And a way to delete a single edge. And a button I can press to make all of my models look good.

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Default Re: Snap to vertices off main axis?

To make a new face from existing vertices, select them and use Vertex->Create_ordered surface. (To have it working like you said would not be possible - because the vertices may be in different objects, and surfaces can only use vertices from one object)

To make a vertex in the middle of a surface, use Surface->divide.

There are some new edge commands in 3.7 but deleting an edge is not in there yet. It's high priority though.

>a button I can press to make all of my models look good.
Now this would be a great feature! I'm not sure how it would be implemented though

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