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Old 10th February 2004, 05:35 AM   #1
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Default .ac file format

I'm having troubles finding appropriate info about ac file format. I've been creating 3d output with vxl-vision library and the output is like X Y Z u v, where u and v are texture coordinates.
I once found a script to create .ac file from pure X,Y,Z and then aftewards I can create a 2d-mesh in ac3d and set texture using tce, but now as I'm getting more atomatised the system, I'd like to use the texture mapping in 3d-file, but don't know jow?

Anyone knows any url to explain this?

Also I've been using single view modelling program from grail.uwashington.edu and wrote a tcl-script to convert vrml2 it outputs to vrml1 , so it can be imported to ac3d. If somebody is interested, I could put the script in some web-page. (it's not a complete vrml2->vrml1 script, just converts the vrml2 output by svm to vrml1). The svm contains source code, it uses fltk so the original source made for windows needed some little hacks to get it compile under linux, but I managed to compile it and it WORKS.


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Default Re: .ac file format

Hi Matti,

Please see:


for the file format desc.

Please post messages about any resources that others would find useful in the tutorials section on this forum.

If your script is tcl, it should be relatively easy to add to AC3D.

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