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Default Texture editor improvements

One thing I like about working in the 3d view(s), is the ability to restrict movement to X/Y/Z axis using the CTRL key.
And, you can also use "Look At Selection" in any of the view windows.

Why not add this same capability to the texture editor?

It is very irritating to have to constantly drag the selected face(s) and/or the texture outline to the center of the editing window in order to make the edits you wish.

And why not add the finite control you have in 3d to help defining texture layouts?

I very often need to make very small adjustment to line up the textures with the selected faces. But its very difficult with the mouse.

Why not make a quick key assignments for zooming in/out? I have written many programs and used the "Z" key to cycle from zoom in/zoom out/cursor.

The cursor will change to a "+" for zoom in, and a "-" for zoom out. Then the normal arrow cursor will be displayed the third time the Z key is pressed. Then, while in the mode you desire, left-clicking becomes the new screen center, thus eliminating the need to drag.

You could select a face(s), and then use CTRL+cursor to not only select a new screen center for your view, but also move the selected faces with the view change.

I think there is so much more that could be done in the area of the texture editor to make it a lot better. I really love AC3D and have tossed aside 3d Studio Max 9.
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