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Default Latest AC3D X-Plane plugin - download here

This is the definitive download web page for the latest AC3D XPlane plugin. It will be updated when new versions are available.

X-Plane plugins for AC3D 9.0 (4.0b0) X-Plane 12

Windows: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplan...anewin40b0.zip

Mac: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplan...anemac40b0.tgz

Linux: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplane/ac3dxplanelx40b0.tgz

- updated for X-Plane 12 (requires AC3D 9 min)
- extra _bb and _pm lights added
- added lit_nits (brightness) value to attr_light (default 1000)
- light parameter labels are updated with correct field labels (from the data in lights.txt)
- The number of max selected objects/panels open at once can be increased up to 9 (not larger) by editing MAX_SEL in the tcl file.
- light-type popup menu changed to a more compact combobox.
- dref pulldowns have been made longer
- "cd" value in lights now imported and exported correctly

X-Plane plugins for AC3D 9.0 (3.5b3) (XPlane 11 only)

Windows: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplane/ac3dxplanewin35b3.zip

Mac: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplane/ac3dxplanemac35b3.tgz

Linux: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplane/ac3dxplanelx35b3.tgz

Updated for AC3D 9.0
- Mac - window types changed to prevent stacking problems
- searches for datarefs and commands.txt files automatically
- bug fix to texture image data handling

See below for plugin installation instructions.

X-Plane plugins for AC3D 8.5/8.6 (3.5b1)

Windows: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplan...anewin35b1.zip

Mac: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplan...anemac35b1.tgz

Linux: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplane/ac3dxplanelx35b1.tgz

This version adds the ability to edit the exported OBJ header (in X-Plane export settings) e.g. "GLOBAL_specular 1.0\n".

X-Plane plugins for AC3D 8.3 (3.4b3)

The 64 bit X-Plane plugins are here :

Windows: www.inivis.com/external/XPlaneSupportWin34b3.zip

Mac: www.inivis.com/external/ac3dxplanemac34b3.tgz

Here is the X-Plane plugin (3.3b3) for AC3D 8.0.

This adds support for exporting TEXTURE_NORMAL lines.

Download AC3D X-Plane plugin for Windows

Download AC3D X-Plane plugin for Mac

Download AC3D X-Plane plugin for Linux

*** Mac users should not use the previous version 3.3b2 - there's a nasty divide-by-zero bug in it which can cause a crash. Update to the above version. ***

For AC3D 7.5:
This version 3.3b1. It adds support for the new X-Plane 10.50 Manipulators.



Installation Instructions

AC3D does not come with the X-Plane plugin included. You''ll need to download and install it. Along with the plugin file and the .tcl file, you'll also need some data refs files.

On the Mac,

AC3D 8.3 and later: you must open the AC3D.app bundle and put them in the plugins folder. Either CTRL+left click, or right-click on the AC3D app icon to get a popup menu and select "Show package contents". Copy the files into the plugins folder.

How to check what version of the X-Plane plugin you have
Within AC3D, go to the Help menu and select "About Plugins". It's usually at the bottom "OBJ8 X-Plane".

To check that the plugin is installed and running
If it's all fine, you'll see and X-Plane menu on the right end of the main AC3D menu.


Thanks to captainpeter, a PDF manual for the X-Plane plugin is here: http://www.inivis.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32892

A tutorial on using the plugin to create X-Plane animations

Thanks to Ray Hill for this document which describes how to build 3D cockpits for X-Plane using AC3D: http://www.inivis.com/external/xplan...3Dcockpits.pdf

You can read more about the manipulators here: http://developer.x-plane.com/2016/05...e-mouse-wheel/

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