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Default Axes View

This idea is based on my own failings as only a 'casual' and occasional AC3D modeller, but also takes into account the similar problems that some of our novice students here have..

How about an option to turn on/off a little graphics display of the directionality of the two axes in the corner of each Ortho Window? These could also be colour coded RGB for XYZ.

So, for example, in the top left corner of the XZ window, you'd have a little red arrow with a red X label at one end, pointing in the direction of the positive X-axis and joined at its base to a little blue arrow pointing in positive Z with a blue Z on its end.

Maybe the axes in the 3D view could then be similarly colour coded?

I'm sure experienced 3D modellers wouldn't need such props (hence my suggestion to be able to toggle it on/off), but for novices such as me, it would be helpful!


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