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Default More TCE Hassles


A couple of enhancements I'd like to see to the TCE;

There seems to be a discrepancy between where my cursor is, what the "coordinates readout" is telling me, and where the polygon's texture coordinate gets set to; the "handle" that I grab to resize stuff is offset from the actual object it's resizing, and (unlike the main editor) when I grab it that offset is retained. So, for example, if I select something and grab the top-left handle and move my mouse pointer so that the coordinate readout says (0.0,1.0) (the top left of the texture) then my mouse pointer is pointing exactly at the top-left of the texture, but the polygon(s) have been resized so that their top-left corner coincides with the end of the tail of the mouse, rather than its nose. If you see what I mean.

It would be handy to have some snap modes in the TCE; maybe "snap to pixel" and also a configurable "snap to grid" to make it easy to texture things that use (for example) a load of 32x32 pixel tiles on a single sheet.

While we're at it; manual "Move To" and "Rotate" controls, like in the main editor would also be handy.

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