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Old 5th June 2004, 04:04 PM   #1
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Default TCE Thought

One item that seems missing, or rather would be nice is to be able to map surfaces to scale, as per the model scale. While it is easy to map top, side etc, to scale is not an option. This is something UVMapper does, but it is not as easy as TCE to work with.

Just thinking.
Regards, Gerry "Mossie" Mos
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Old 6th June 2004, 01:20 AM   #2
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you want the TCE to have allt he parts 1:1 scale with each other then here is a little trick I started using.

Like old SDOE we mapped parts by using a square poly behind what we wanted mapped. With the TCE this can be used together with the old ways to make sure all the parts are 1:1.

I make a squares to be flat with each view. (top, side, plan) then set the textures to them.

Now when i map a part I just make sure I have the square highlighted. Now when i map the part its not thrown into the TCE window and all stretched out. Its the size of how it should look probably right int he middle.

I mapped a Ki-61 the other day like this and the end result was much better then my P-38s and i think it even shaved off some time doing it this way.

Once you go and map all the parts from every angle its as simple has just highlighting the whole plane and just moving the parts where you want them in the TCE to make your templates.

I do have to say this way works wonders on mapping in AC3D and making things 1:1 with each other. Then all you ned to do is make sure you don't rotate/flip things too much cause there is a little bug that moves vertices around sometimes so things aren't always the same way you first map. (fliping one or twice wont do it but 3 or more times thends to move things)
Tony "Razer" Martin
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