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Old 31st July 2004, 06:17 PM   #1
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Default anyone want work with me at XIAOXIAO 3D MOVIE??

There is no money, i'm only a big fan o f Xiao xiao, and i'm thinking make the next thing:

1 make the characters at ac3d and export it to 3ds
2 animate with studio max and export it again to 3ds
3 make the scenes and animation importing from 3ds to swift 3d i have it too
4 export teh animation to a swf animation (flash)
5 finally when we have all the swf anikations do the audio and coversations with nero wave
6 i have all the music, and more than 60 sounds including punchs kicks a,d shots of weapons,
7 put the animation in www.newgrounds.com

all is calculated, if anyone is interesed contact me at mailto:stiklewave@hotmail.com

There is no problem of age language or religion owrking in this animation, can you have 10 years or 30 is equal 4 me, (i have 16)

If u wanna contact me preferly if is in the Msn messenger

A last thing, we need do the first animation to continued, so wre put a paypal link at the credits and we divide the money.

Please if you wanna contribute you need to speak english, Italian or Spanish (i know perfectly the three languages)
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