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Default App Delegate ... Missing glView ... where's NIB

Hello I'm rather new too making xcode and making apps.
I'm work on a dice app. (my first app outside of doing tons of examples) and I'm have a problem with interface builder.

The application I'm working on uses Tab Bar Control.
and also has 3D Dice animation.

I got my Tab bar setup with three screens the 2nd being a setup screen and the third is a numerical display. The first screen I reserved for the animation part. This I'll just call "Dice"

The animation was done separately using AC3D software and open source demo software. I'll refer to this as "Demo" (For those who mint know this is the "thumbsup" demo.)

So I'm at a point where I want to merge Demo into Dice.
It initial attempt created 49 error which were easy dealt with by adding in the frameworks the Demo needed. ( So no errors )

At this point I need to make the connection in the interface builder here is were I'm tripping up ( dancing like a noob ).

I have a Dice App Delegate and a Demo App Delegate.
Dice App Del has these connections:
1) tabBarController
2) window
3) New Referencing Output (No/Con)
Demo App Del has these connections:
1) glView (Needs/Con)
2) window
3) delegate

File's Owner and window allows multiple connections.

In the original Demo the glView is connected to View which I found by right clicking on the window.

When I do this in dice I don't get a glView from the window or from the Tab Bar Controller. There needs to be away to tell the app under which tab-screen, that I want to display my object. How to do this?

Perhaps I'm not suppose to have two App Delegates?

I do have the same warning on two different tabs:
'Selected Controller (numbers)' has both its 'View' and 'NIB Name' properties set. This is not sportedů.. I see a view on all three tabs but I can't find NIB any where so far. Where is the NIB so that I mint disconnect it?

Guideance Please!
PS: I thought I mint post this here as well as on the Apple i-developer web site as people here would be more familiar with the thumbs up demo.
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