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Default AC3D and Openfx?


This is probably a daft suggestion but how difficult would it be to enable AC3D to link up to the raytracer from a program called Openfx?

Openfx is a free modelling, animation and raytracing package that has been around for years but is now rather neglected by more or less everyone including the developers.

The useful bit would be the animation and raytracing package. I have just been experimenting a bit and even I managed to export an AC3D model in .3ds format then load it into Openfx to render. It would be very useful if AC3D could export in the required .ofx format.

The program has some useful tools which might be handy for AC3D modellers like volumetric light, environment maps, lens flares, depth of field etc. The animator has some very clever preset effects too.

What do you AC3D experts think?


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