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Default AC3D3.7 Features

I just wanted to know what the expected release date of AC3D3.7 is and also what are the improvements and maybe a possible feature list of the new program. By the way, anyone who needs a mesh modeller for game levels had better use AC3D. Almost every other modeller I have tried has either been overkill or too frustrating for game level architecture. But I was hoping that there would be an option to automatically flip normals when you flip objects. Everytime I flip an object for placement in my levels, the normals get outta whack and I have to spend time selecting objects and faces to get the normals facing the right way. Thanks for any info.
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Default Re: AC3D3.7 Features

The next release has many changes and additions. It's being alpha tested at the moment but promising a release date is dangerous. All I can say is that it will hopefully be next month.

Here is some of the new stuff:
  • optimisations for high-polygon models (selection and switching between select-modes are now super fast). Many functions have been optimised.

    realtime mirroring

    object mirroring

    realtime moving/resizing/rotating

    printing (under Windows)

    combine surfaces function (to make larger polygons from adjacent surfaces)

    A 2D/3D true-type font text tool.

    improved undo and new redo of operations.

    Many file format exporters are improved.

    Controlable render dialog.

    Polygon surface area calculation.

    Object library.

    Lots more.
Note that the next release will probably not be called AC3D 3.7 due to the large amount of stuff that's now been added.

Flipping vertices doesn't always require normals to also be reversed so I'm reluctant to make this happen. It's dependant on what you are making and the new object mirror functions are designed to do the hard work for you with this. It's easy to do the flip then select Surface->flip-normals.

Yes - AC3D is already used by a lot of games makers but please do spread the word...

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