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Old 12th January 2006, 12:17 AM   #1
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Default DXF Import Question

After importing a DXF file, I've discovered that each of the "lines" connecting the vertices is actually a surface. The only way I can find to remove them and replace them with "real" surfaces is to:

a) select them (in surface mode)
b) Surface -> Remove Surface Only (this leaves the vertices behind)
c) Create all the new surfaces by hand (selecting vertices and creating an order surface from them).

This gets old real fast on a big model. Is there a better way? (I'm a newbie at this, obviously).


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Old 12th January 2006, 11:31 AM   #2
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It sounds like the DXF file you are working with has exported "lines" instead of "faces". You can open the DXF file in a text editor and you'll probably see a lot of "LINE" entities in the file.

I don't know of a good workaround for this other than what you're doing - I'm not terribly familiar with the DXF format, but it looks like assigning surfaces (versus line surfaces) will be a manual process for such models...

If you cannot get another version of the file that uses Faces, or if no one else has better suggestions, these functions may help speed up your workflow:

Vertex -> Create 2D Mesh
Vertex -> Create Convex Surface/Object

These functions may or may not help depending on your geometry, of course...

Good luck,
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Old 16th January 2006, 07:35 PM   #3
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You might want to take a look at the file converter AccuTrans3d ... it has a lot of parameters that can be modified when you load a dxf file including what would appear converting lines to surfaces. Have not tried it myself ..... but you can get a test version here :


You are permitted to use it before paying ($20 US)


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