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Old 20th September 2003, 02:24 AM   #1
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Default extruding faces, making a tree

hi all! im real new to AC3D ( and to 3d modelling in general ) I did the car tutorial thing without too much trouble. I have a problem though. I basically want to make a tree and I made a polygon from an image of a tree like in the car tutorial but... trees are round.. well they're sort of a cylinder shape at the trunk. How can I extrude the face so its like a cylinder like that? - I thought of just making a cylinder and then adding the texture but it doesnt look as good

thanks anyway
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Default Re: extruding faces, making a tree

Make an ellipse in then plan window and extrude it upwards, after setting the extrude sections to some number like 5 (depends on the detail you want). Then you can select the 'rings' of vertices and resize them to make the trunk get smaller as it gets higher.

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