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Default Plugin to replace a similar object with another

I converted a P3D object containing all blue edge lights (200+) to XP11 and would now like to change every instance of the blue edge light with the library blue edge light from XP11. Using WED and replacing them using strings isn't the option I would like to resort to due to a discrepancy appearing in WED with large objects. Making these edits at the object level circumvents this discrepancy.

I could perfectly do this one by one, as I have done in the past - but I am wondering whether or not this process can be automated, as it is a chore to individually copy paste and replace these objects. All it has to do is select all instances of an identical object and then replace all of them with the library object. Is there a plugin to get this done or does AC3D include this possibility?
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Default Re: Plugin to replace a similar object with another

I'd look at the .obj with a text editor. A search and replace would probably be the easiest method.
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