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Default Re: Semi transparent textures when importing SKP

Thanks Andy,

I was super happy with it. The crazy thing about the model is that it came into the came scaled up 3.048x, which is the conversion from feet to meters - however, it was DRAWN in meters so I don't know how that happened?

When I went back to AC3D to scale it down, the DirectX export stopped working as well. So the model was either invisible with broken texture maps, and the physical space it existed in was different, so the game's physics engine went haywire.

Virtual Sailor only supports up to DirectX v9, does AC3D export at a higher version? If so, I'm wondering if that could be the issue. Is there an older exporter that can do DirectX v9?

I'm noticing a few differences in some of the older models' DirectX files when I open in Notepad+ vs the models I'm seeing problems with.

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Default Re: Semi transparent textures when importing SKP

AC3D units are unspecified (simply numbers) but most people and external applications treat them as metres.

The DirectX plugin was written by Frank Meinert (Frame on here) and is quite old. I'm not sure what version it's based on.

Old files seem to be mostly compatible but it can depend on the software parser reading the file. If the writers made assumptions about the format, that can cause problems. Sometimes it's a simple thing like the way brackets are laid out that can defeat a parser.

The best bet is to check the files, like you are doing, and see if there are any simple changes that you can make to help compatibility.
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material, transparency

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