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Here's a few things I'd love to see in future updates (once I can afford an upgrade... - using version 6.4.30)

1. I'd like to see a snap to grid feature in the texture coordinate editor. This would make it easier to adjust and move the area that your texturing.

2. Repeat texture from within a selected area of a texture. If this can be done, it would make tiled texture files easier to use rather than having to make each texture into a new file. Especially since you can only apply one texture to a mesh.

3. Also if possible, please Please PLEASE enable the ability to use multiple textures on a single object! Having to cut away surfaces and pasting them as seperate objects is starting to get really old!

4. The ability to turn off mipmapping. The games I try to program are intended to look retro, with the pixelated textures. So I'd like to see how that looks in AC3D while I create my meshes. (Hey, Andy, I posted a reply to my old mipmap thread in response to your comment. could you please reply?)

5. A B3D exporter would be nice. I use Blitz3d for all my programing needs. I'd like to be able to export a mesh with all the necessary information needed to make my meshes work to the max in my coding

6. A texture browser: So to drag and drop the desired texture onto the desired mesh. This would most certainly be nice

7. A VRML importer would also be grand.

8. An .x importer. I've seen it sugested here a few times, I'll add my vote for it here.

9. Right click menu. For clicking on a selected entity which would bring up an easy dropdown menu with functions such as "copy", "duplicate" and so on

10. If possible, a built in renderer would be cool.

11. A much better walk mode in the 3D view for 3D world viewing. A smooth simple Doom walk engine would be cool.

12. Animated textures. Would be nice to add a little motion to things, such as waterfalls, water, static, etc

13. Anaglyph mode in the 3D viewer. So you could see your 3D works with the use of red/blue framed 3D glasses

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