AC3D plugin tutorials


These tutorials were written to assist the user in creating AC3D plugins.

AC3D plugins are written in C/C++. I'm not aware of any other languages supported by AC3D plugins, but I suspect there are none.

Get the AC3D SDK

Before you can start writing plugins for AC3D, contact Inivis to get the AC3D Software Development Kit (SDK). Contact Inivis, requesting the SDK (you will need to include your AC3D license key).

Getting started with an IDE

Start here if you are using an IDE (integrated development environment) for C/C++ development (such as Microsoft Visual Studio).

Setting up the compiler This section covers setting up your compiler for compiling AC3D plugins. Only a very limited number of compilers are covered.
Creating a new project Shows you how to create a new project for your plugin.

Getting started with AC3D plugins

Start here after you have setup your IDE, or if you are starting with a command line compiler.
Anatomy of an AC3D plugin Describes an AC3D plugin.
Your first AC3D plugin Steps you through the creation of a working AC3D plugin, complete with Undo.


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