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Old 15th July 2011, 01:23 PM   #1
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Question Newbie question Doh!

Hi, Just joined today, been looking for a reasonable priced 3D modeller hopefully not to difficult for a silver surfer to use.

I have been in the Second life World since 2007, where, my main occupation, was always flying about in helis or jets. Since then, I advanced to renting land, and building airports, with control towers and the usual lights, and other stuff. But im tired of paying for everything on the market place, having spent about 1,600 since 2007 on land rents, planes, scripts, houses, club gear. Aircraft make up the bulk of my expenses, with some jetliners costing a lot of money.

Now Im finally upgrading my computor next week to relieve my old 7 year old xp one, I want to start building my own objects. I can build or modify exisiting (modify permissions) houses, or failry basic things, also link items, im good with textures, and sound file making. But never done 3D modelling before

So I download this demo today, to see if its for me, as blender seems complicated and wings 3d doesnt seems to be lacking a bit. Im also purchasing the x-plane dvd from amazon uk.

my goal is to make a reasonable looking Boeing 737 and add one of the many Hi rez liveries textures I have on my H/D. Plus a simplish hud, to start stop, turn on /off nav lights etc, and retracting undercarriage/ speed and altitude meter.

I know I have a lot to learn, about using an external editor, and from time to time, I will be probably be asking some questions.

The one question, that has popped up when I installed the x-plane demo, is the license says, ^Qoute^ " You agree not to export or take content from x-plane program without prior consent" blah blah. So, now, I seen on utube people have exported their aircraft into other programs, and I see that there is a plug in for this feature for AC3D. But just wondering about the defination of the License terms, if some one could enlightnen me, without the FBI knocking on my door:mrgreen:

For now, I will be trying some tutorials and trying to make a wing or fusalage over the next week, before I decide to buy the full program.

Thanks for any comments on my goal etc

regards mike
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Old 15th July 2011, 05:28 PM   #2
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Default Re: Newbie question Doh!

The X-Plane artwork assets as well as most default aircraft and scenery are copyrighted.
You are not allowed to export a default aircraft and use it for anything else.

Btw, most content, even 3rd party content that is free to download and use is copyrighted.
It may be free to download and use within X-Plane but unless explicitly stated, copying and distribution of derivative works are prohibited.

Rule of thumb, if unsure contact the author.

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Thumbs up Re: Newbie question Doh!

Oh thanks captainPeter, I think after reading more documentation, its the other way round, If im right, the plug in is for exporting an object ^into^ x-Plane? Not exporting out of X-Plane? I have been trying x-Plane demo, it more smoother than microsoft X I have, we will see. I keep turning left while rolling on runway for take off, maybe my old Trust POV old joystick. cant seem to use the "top hat" button to change views as in Micro X

Out of interest I spent some time In Vienna in 89, on a European trip, shame it was christmas, the palace and Prater park, was shrouded in fog, and -5C. Would have liked to visit Bratislava across the Danube, But at that time berlin wall was just being demolished, needed a visa to enter Eastern Europe from Vienna.

Thanks for reply
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