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Creating a new project

When creating a new project in your development environment, there may be some special steps involved in setting up a new AC3D plugin project.

If others have similar steps for other compilers/platforms, I'd be glad to add them.

Windows : Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio 2003)

In Visual Studio, perform:


  • Select the File -> New -> Project... menu.
  • Under "Project Types" in the left pane, choose "Visual C++ Projects".
  • In the right pane, select "Win32 Console Project".
  • Enter the project name (this will usually be the plugin filename) and the location, then click "OK".

  • You should get a "Win32 Application Wizard" dialog. Here, click "Application Settings" on the left, and select "DLL" as the Application Type, and "Empty Project" under additional options.

  • Click Finish.

This starts the project, but there are a couple of steps left.

Select the "Project -> Properties..." menu item, and select "All Configurations" from the Configuration drop-down.

Select "Linker -> General" in the left pane, and change the Output File to a file with a ".p" extension.

Next, select "Linker -> Input" and set "Additional Dependencies" to "ac3d.lib". If you did not perform the Setting up the compiler step, either do so after you apply this change, or include the library path in your compiler options.

The only remaining step is when you have finished creating your plugin. At that point, make sure to set your Build configuration from Debug to Release.


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