AC3D plugin authoring tutorials

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AC3D modeling tutorials

Beginner tutorials

Model a subdivision-surfaced gear

Updated 2006/06/14

Making moulding with corners.

Updated 2005/10/27

Tin can
Model this can using subdivision surfaces.

Updated 2005/10/25

Tutorials from others

Woody's AC3D Tire With Tread Tutorial
A repost of a tire with 3D tread posted by Woody of AC3D fame.

Originally Posted 2003/11
Reposted 2006/01/26


Tutorials using AC3D plugins

AC3D Fur : Making grass
Use the fur plugin to create a patch of grass.

Updated 2005/11/20

AC3D Fur : Making hair
Use the fur plugin to create a beard.

Updated 2005/11/20

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