AC3D Viewer for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Store, view and share your favorite AC3D models with this handy new app - a great companion to our main AC3D software.
  • Carry around your 3D models and show them to friends/clients.
  • Spin your 3D models; zoom and position your 3D view with your fingers.
  • Choose a snapshot of your favorite viewpoint as the icon.
  • Display your models with or without textures, or in wireframe.
  • Save images for use in documents and emails.
  • Share models with others by emailing directly from your iOS device.
  • Import your models from email, Dropbox or via iTunes (you can also add texture image files this way if required).
  • Comes with a number of sample AC3D models.

AC3D Viewer FAQ and support

Technical Info.

  • All surfaces are shown as two-sided
  • Lines are not shown
  • Any textures should be png and dimensions should be a power of two e.g. 256x256, otherwise they will not show.
  • Wireframe displays a wire view of the triangulated model (The same model in AC3D would appear non-triangulated wireframe)