What's new in AC3D 6


Fully-integrated subdivision surfaces

Now it's easy to create professional-looking models, giving a real 'wow' factor to your 3D designs.

AC3D 6 is a fully-integrated subdivision surface modeler. Subdivision surfaces allow smooth 3D shapes to be described using simple underlying polygon objects.


Any object in AC3D, including lines and polylines, can now be instantly subdivided. AC3D's fast integrated subdivision engine calculates subdivisions only when required, and allows you to display and edit the underlying mesh at any time, as well as allowing full editing of the subdivided geometry with the same ease.

Subdivision in AC3D is easy to control. The two buttons on the toolbar increase and decrease the level of an object's subdivision. This works whether you have a whole object/s or part of an object/s selected.

You can also instantly switch on and off the display of subdivisions by pressing the 'd' key (or by using the controls in the main Orth/3D menus). With this, you can choose to work with the underlying polygons or the subdivision. If you prefer to, you can, for example, choose to view subdivisions in the 3D view and non-subdivided versions in the orth views.


Faster real-time 3D

Now totally rewritten, AC3D's real-time 3D graphics engine provides you with a super-fast view onto your 3D world. Speed optimisations have been made for the rendering of individual objects with many surfaces, as well as for large numbers of objects in the whole scene. Interaction is faster and benefits from surface-normals (including crease angle information) being calculated in real-time. So, whether you're creating a single creature or a whole city, you'll instantly see an improvement.

Extrude along path

Used in conjunction with AC3D's subdivision surfaces, this function makes it easy to create smooth shapes from simple profiles. Found on the Object menu, this function allows you to create three dimensional objects by 'sweeping' a profile along a given path.

extrude bumper

View inspect mode

Here at Inivis Limited, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to our users' needs. Due to popular demand, a switch above each view window quickly puts the view into 'classic AC3D' 3D view mode. The model will be cleanly drawn (no surface outlines, vertices etc). Dragging the mouse navigates (usually spin or walk) without the need to press down the alt key - useful if you want to quickly capture a clean view image (from the View's Camera menu). This is also great if you have an extra screen attached to your computer as you can now dedicate that to viewing/navigating your final model.

dino1   dino2

New-look controls and basic 'block' object

Select the control you see quickly with our intuitive new icons. The new 'Block' object, a single cuboid with each dimension divided a desired number of times, is ideal as a initial base for use with AC3D's subdivision surfaces.



Easy positioning in 3D

Now there's no need to hold down the control key to constrain movement whilst dragging a selection in 3D - simply pull or push the green arrow handles.

nose before drag nose after drag

Better selection

Paint select

Faster and more precise selections can now be achieved by simply holding down the shift and control keys, then dragging the mouse over the surfaces/vertices/objects to highlight a selection. Using the right mouse button removes items from the selection.


The new 'Select-through' option can be switched from selecting everything under a rectangular area, to only selecting those items (objects, surfaces, vertices) that are directly visible.

Vertex loops

After selecting two or more vertices, Select-Loop (on Edit menu, or just press the 'L' key) allows vertex loops to be quickly selected.

Improved file handling

The 3D Studio (3DS) and Lightwave (LWO) importers have been updated, better Wavefront OBJ and DXF support implemented and speed optimisations have been made to many of AC3D's comprehensive list of supported file formats. A new Lightwave (LWO) exporter has been added.

There's now an option for automatically creating backup files when you overwrite your work.

Improved Texture Coordinate Editor

AC3D's highly-acclaimed UV mapper has been improved to make it easy to 'unwrap' models for texturing. Proportional mapping makes it easy for you to select part of a 3D model and instantly create a 2D map on the TCE. Holding the control key and resizing the TCE's selection scales proportionately.

Foldable hierarchy

You can now view your model's structure, fold/unfold the groups and hide/lock sections of your model, all from a convenient interface.